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Doors & Windows - Repairs & Maintenance

Functioning doors and windows are vital to any home for both practical and safety reasons. So when things start to go wrong it’s a good idea to give us a call and we can advise you on how to avoid being locked out or in some cases being locked in!

UPVC & Composite Doors

Many modern homes now have UPVC or Composite doors which are locked through a series of hooks, bolts and rollers which help seal the door as well as making it secure. They don’t last forever and can begin to wear out after as little as 10 years, often as luck would have it, just as the manufacturer’s guarantee runs out. But you don’t need to replace the whole door as we can repair or replace most multi-point locks and their components.

Wooden & Aluminium Doors

If you’re door is made of wood or aluminium then it is likely to be secured by a more traditional mortice type lock which we will be happy to repair or replace.

Windows & Misted Double Glazing

Drafty windows, windows that won’t open or lock, broken mechanisms or steamed up double glazed units are just a few of the things that can go wrong but are all perfectly straight forward for us to repair or replace.

Supply only or supplied and fitted by professionals we are happy to discuss your requirements and tailor the best solution for your particular needs.